The Pointer School is a thriving co-educational school for boys and girls aged 3-11 with an outstanding reputation for delivering a traditional yet exciting education within a Christian framework. In October 2014 the Independent Schools Inspectorate found Pointers to be ‘Excellent’ in all areas.

The Pointer school was established by Miss Muriel and Miss Dela Pointer in 1950 and is now split over two buildings, Marnic House (Nursery- Year 1) and the main school (Years 2-6).

Central to our ethos and all our activities is the Christian faith, and all children at Pointers are taught this. Nevertheless we recognise that children should learn about the variety of belief systems that exist in our society and therefore all pupils receive objective instruction in the other main world religions. The school is Evangelical in outlook, but nondenominational in practice, with an emphasis on the development of Christian faith and values, i.e. a caring and considerate attitude to others, good manners, self-discipline, service to the community and the pursuit of excellence. All this, of course, has a direct bearing on our curriculum design.

Helping a child develop with all or some of these qualities is very difficult without the cooperation of the parents concerned. It is because of the fundamental importance of the home that we encourage parents to take an interest in all facets of school life.

The Pointer School is proud to be one of the few schools in London with an ‘organic’ food policy. All our meats, eggs, vegetables, and fruit are organic except when there are occasional disruptions in our supply. Cooked food is generally grilled, baked, poached, steamed and only rarely fried. Our policy is to use only ‘organic’ lamb, chicken and eggs, and free-range when organic chicken and eggs are unavailable. Chips are not on the menu.

Our School Ethos

Life at The Pointer School is shaped by our commitment to provide ‘Learning for Life’.

We are essentially a Christian school and maintain these ideals in all that we teach and undertake. Emphasis is placed on personal faith, natural respect, integrity, friendship and the need to discover and develop individual talents.

We believe that, with love, guidance, encouragement, discipline and hard work, every child can do so much more than he or she may consider possible. Our objective is that your child should leave fulfilled, enthusiastic, self-disciplined and fully confident to meet the increasingly difficult challenges of life.

We aim to ensure that each child’s first crucial steps in the world of education are compelling and exciting enough to draw them into the magical world of life-long learning so that it becomes a joyous and integral part of their daily existence. We endeavour to find and then enhance these talents, whether they be creative, intellectual or athletic, employing the dedicated skills of a versatile, professional staff, most of whom have a Christian commitment.

The Pointer School Child

The school’s ethos is best seen in our three aims for a Pointer School Child. We believe these aims to be essential to achieve happiness, contentment and fulfilment in later life. It is hoped that each child in our school will be:

  • Well educated with a love of learning, ready to engage with a wider world;
  • Happy and self-confident with a good sense of humour;
  • Generous in spirit, kind to others and aware of others’ feelings.