Class 2C News 2012

Year 2 had a fantastic time learning about all sorts of minibeasts and interesting creatures. Andrew Smith brought some incredible things for the children to look at and hold including an African snail (about the size of a rabbit), a cane toad, several cockroaches, lizards, snakes and much more. The children also gave a speech on a minibeast of their choice, and the teachers were very impressed at how good […]

On Tuesday 12th February Year 2 visited the London Fire Brigade Museum. This tied in with our topic The Great Fire of London. We had the chance to look at fire engines dating from the Victorian times and try on all the different uniforms. We then had an interactive story telling session and found out even more about the Great Fire of London. We found out about a little boy […]

Nursery to Year 2 all produced their own nativity plays in December 2012 which were all held at St. John’s church.  We all thought they were excellent!  Year 2’s play was about a group of angels who were sent to bring children from all over the world to worship Jesus in the manger.  We loved being a gospel choir for the USA section! The Chinese children had to do a […]

In October, Year 2 visited St John’s church over two afternoons.  We were given a very helpful talk inside the church by the vicar, Rev. Farley Moore, and his curate.  He showed us many of the artefacts inside the church, including the font; he told us about Elsie Marshall who was a missionary to China and died at the age of 26, and he took us up the bell tower!  […]

On 15th October Year two went to the Tower of London.  We travelled on the Thames Clipper from Greenwich pier.  We had two sessions booked with an actor dressed as a knight, who taught us everything we needed to know about being a knight, from being a page to being a squire, to being dubbed “Sir” by Lady Eleanor.  We learnt all about King Edward, who used to carry his […]