Class 3B News 2012

From Monday 20th – 22nd May, Year 3 enjoyed a very successful trip to Sayer’s Croft activity centre in Surrey ( ). Activities included rock climbing, archery and raft building, as well as many other team building exercises. The children and staff all had such an amazing time! Favourite memories included playing games around a campfire, watching Asterix while drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, and leading a blindfolded partner around […]

Year 3 enjoyed a trip back in time on Monday 25th March when we dressed up as ancient Egyptians. We had pharaohs, Egyptian princesses, kings, regular citizens and even mummies! The children looked amazing and we had a fun and exciting day. We were joined by Ceri from Perform Drama, who led a workshop on Egyptian past and enabled the children to experience what life must have been like. We […]

On Monday 21st January, Year 3 braved the snowy weather and attended our planned trip to the environmental centre. Our focus of the trip was to explore rocks and soils. The children undertook many scientific experiments, including testing rocks for hardness and permeability. We also dug up some soil and looked at the ingredients and make up. To end the day, each child painted a picture using different coloured soils. […]