Class 4A News 2012

Wednesday 22nd May was an exciting day for the whole of Year 4! The long awaited PGL trip had arrived. The coach journey went quickly, and after we arrived we dropped our bags off into our spacious rooms. We ate our packed lunch and went to play games in a huge field. During the afternoon we climbed Jacob’s Ladder – it was very high! (you can see a photo of […]

On the morning of Tuesday 26th February Year 4 abandoned their school uniforms, and reached for tunics, woollen trousers, furs and axes instead. Yes – Viking Day had arrived at The Pointer School! The staff tentatively jumped into costume too, and everyone enjoyed a day brimming with Viking activities. Menus fit for a Viking chieftain’s feast were drawn up, riddles in runes were translated and solved and longship models were […]