Emerald News 2012

The reception gardening club had a very successful first term! Our garden is overflowing with vegetables, herbs, and flowers! We’ve eaten spinach and lettuce from our garden at lunch and released our school butterflies amongst the flowers! The gardeners had so much fun planting seeds and watching them grow! We celebrated the end of the term with a garden party, complete with strawberries and fresh mint tea, all from our […]

On Monday, The Mobile Farm visited the Early Years building! The children had the opportunity to learn about the farm animals as well as have a stroke and hold a baby chick! We were visited by cows, a dog, goats, chickens, a pig, and a mummy goat with her two kids!

Every day since September, the Reception classes have been counting the number of days they have been in school. On Wednesday, we reached 100! In celebration of the 100th day of school, we had a day of celebration! The children made a special project at home out of 100 objects and brought them in to share. Mrs Gomme came around and picked a favourite in each class. Lachlan McCloud, from […]