Year 2B News 2013

On our Christmas party day, not only did the children play fun dancing games but we also had a visit from Santa and a circus performer! The children seemed very pleased with their Top Trumps cards and enjoyed learning how to balance peacock feathers and learn many other circus tricks. I obviously have a very musical class, as they taught me how to dance and sing along to “What did […]

KS1 What a wonderful Nativity Week we have had! Although earlier than normal the children in Year 1 and 2 really shone in their respective Nativities; Year 1 – A Christmas Recipe This was brilliantly rehearsed and the children all knew exactly how to make a tasty Christmas! They mixed wise men with shepherds and snowflakes with the baby Jesus and we mustn’t forget the presents! My favourite part was […]

Thank you for all joining in with our Christmas Jumper Day! It was a wonderfully festive occasion, the jumpers were all fantastic and it was incredibly difficult to choose the winners this year. Together we helped to raise money for projects run by ‘Save the Children’ both in the UK and internationally. This year the charity is focusing their attention on the crisis in Syria – working with the many […]

Christmas Journey On December 5th and 6th 2013, Year 2 visited St John’s Church to take part in a special presentation for schools entitled Christmas Journey. The Christmas Journey catered for a number of different learning styles, involving the use of craft, drama, puppets and storytelling. The event lasted approximately 75 minutes. The children visited six scenes from the story in order to experience the nativity and its relevance today. By the […]