Classes 2016

On Wednesday 1st February, the Reception classes were visited by Captain Greenwood and two cadets from Colfe’s School. Both Cadet Lily Chambers  and Corporal Jack Parton went to Pointers when they were in primary school! Captain Greenwood told us about his time in the army and the many different jobs people can do to help us. He showed us fun videos of marching and the Red Arrows! Cadet Chambers and […]

Year 4 went on a fantastic trip to The Globe theatre on the Southbank.  This fitted in perfectly with our script writing topic based on Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest.  At The Globe we were treated to a tour of the theatre and learned all about its history, we even got to go back stage! However I think we all agreed the highlight of the tour was getting to stand on […]

On Wednesday 9th November our new Year 3 football team had a tough first match against Blackheath Prep. Pointers started off extremely quickly, playing some excellent two-touch football which was very good to watch and worked well at keeping the ball away from the opposition.  Pointers went into half-time 2-0 up with Blackheath having few chances to pull back the lead. All round a superb first half from all of the […]

We had a fantastic day at the V and A Museum of Childhood and the children were a real credit to the school. It is a wonderful museum that fits in perfectly with our History topic ‘Toys in the Past’. The children were able to look around the museum at the various toys from the past and present. There were board games to play with, rocking horses and many other […]

On Monday, Nursery and Reception travelled to Langton Way Sheltered Housing to give our donated food and sing to the residents. As always, it was a wonderful day out and a great chance for the children to meet the people of their community! Here are our lovely songs we’ve been learning!

Year 3 Beach Trip On 29th September Year 3 enjoyed a wonderful day out to the British coastland. First we stopped off at Margate to explore the mysterious shell grotto; what an amazing experience! The children loved the intrigue of hypothesising how and why it was built. After buying some wonderful trinkets in the grotto shop, we then went to Whitstable. Here, the children collected rocks and seashells for use […]