On the last day of the half term Year One invited their families to come and visit the dinosaur museum! The children were the tour guides and they explained all of the wonderful things that they had done in during Dinosaur topic.

Year 6G had its very own ginger ‘street cat’ pay a visit in November. Following in the paw prints of James Bowen’s Bob, we welcomed Marmalade into the classroom. He was a rescue cat and is in the safe hands of the Catlin family whose daughter Eloise is a former pupil and mother Lucy a regular teacher at Pointers. The class learnt all about caring for cats: veterinary bills, special […]

Year 6 performed superbly at a recent Cross Country event at Merton Court School. In rainy conditions, perfect for fast running, Ethan Ellis ran excellently for the boys, with good performance also from Harrison MacDiarmid and Hugo Jacquemier-Ward. In the girls’ race, Alina Pape and Anna Wood both ran well against very strong opposition. In both races, we ran against ten other schools, finishing halfway down the field, but with […]

Four balloons of different shapes and sizes are the results of a Year 6 Science experiment showing how yeast is actually alive! The class mixed together everyday yeast with varying amounts of sugar and warm water. As the yeast was warming up, it started to eat the sugar, giving off carbon dioxide as a gas. The gas was then captured in a balloon placed over the entrance to each bottle. […]

Year two had a fantastic day exploring the Tower of London. It was so wonderful to hear the children remembering so much information that we have covered in class prior to the trips and being so engaged and interested throughout the day. The children enjoyed a great workshop ran by Duncan and helped him clean the King’s bedroom! After that we explored The Crown Jewels and the White Tower!

This week Reception took a walk to the local Library. First, we sat and listened to the Librarian who told us all about the different types of books in the Library. She then read us a story, and gave us the chance to explore some of the books in the children’s section of the Library! We hope you enjoyed the trip!   […]