Admission Procedure

Admissions to The Pointers School is by family interview, and for children of five years and above by a short (1 hour) assessment.

Subsequent to a satisfactory family interview and test (if applicable) the Registration form and other documents should be returned to the school, completed and signed by both parents (if applicable), together with the Registration fee of £100.00 and the Confirmation Deposit of £1000.00. Please note that the acceptance of the Registration fee and document does not constitute an offer of a place.

Confirmation Deposit. The Confirmation Deposit of £1000.00 must be returned to the school together with other documents within 4 weeks of the offer being made. If after 4 weeks the deposit has not been received it will be assumed that the place is no longer required. The deposit will be refunded against the final terms fees in Year 6, dependent on the school’s terms and conditions being met. Please note that the deposit is not returnable if parents do not subsequently take up the place. Should a parent decide not to take the place offered, then a term’s fee will be payable unless a term’s notice has been given. The Pointer School will, with parental agreement contact the child’s previous school/nursery in order to discuss the pupil’s progress and to confirm that there are no financial matters outstanding.

Parents must disclose to the Headmaster before admission any feature of the child’s personality, physical and mental health that might affect his/her fitness for education and membership of the school. This includes disclosing to the Headmaster details of any special educational needs and learning difficulties. Failure to do this will result in the withdrawal of the offer of a place.

The need for continuity

PLEASE NOTE that the priority for the limited number of places available will be given to those parents who, as far as they are able, are in a position to give an assurance that their child will remain at the Pointer School through to Year 6 and will not leave at an earlier age. Offers of a place in any class in the Pointer School are conditional on meeting both parents (if applicable) of the child. Parents should be in a position to show a degree of loyalty and commitment to the school. It will, for example, be expected that a family will register all of their junior age children at Pointers (except where there are clear and extenuating circumstances).

Furthermore, children are offered places on the general understanding that they will remain at The Pointer School until completion of year 6 (circumstances permitting).

The Pointer School does not prepare children for entry to other London preparatory Schools before 11+ (year 6). However, if families are moving out of the area the school will happily provide written references for school applications. The school can also provide copies of academic records and reports.

The conditions of admission are in conjunction with the School’s “Terms and Conditions”. The Pointer School reserves the right to amend the condition of Admissions and the Terms and Conditions as and when necessary. Parents will be informed of these changes.

Second Child Policy

It is very important that the school maintains pupil continuity from the nursery through to Year 6 and it is furthermore, our considered opinion that disrupting, in midstream, a child’s ‘primary’ education is almost certainly not in the child’s social, emotional & intellectual interest. The school does however understand that there may be circumstances where a son or daughter transfers to another establishment as result of unusual or exceptional circumstances.

Please also note that if a pupil is withdrawn from The Pointer School at any stage between the Nursery and graduation to Year 6 (in order to transfer to any other school) the school reserves the right to refuse or rescind the offer of a place to a sibling.


The school is underwritten by Ecclesiastical Insurance (via Bluefin, our brokers) for all aspects of 3rd party liability. It also has insurance cover, 365 days a year, for all trips organised by the school through (A I G [Europe] Ltd). However please note that neither the school nor any member of staff can be held responsible for any accident whether on the school premises or during a school activity at an offsite venue.

All pupils shall be deemed to use sports or games equipment at their own risk.

Disciplinary Matters

The Headmaster may require a pupil who is making little progress owing to persistent lack of effort or indiscipline to leave on a full term’s notice in writing.

The Headmaster shall have full disciplinary powers over pupils in school and shall have the right to order a pupil to be immediately excluded from the school, either permanently or temporarily, if he reasonably believes that the pupil has committed a material breach of discipline, or that such an order is necessary for the protection of other pupils or the interest of the school as a whole.

The Headmaster also reserves the right to ask parents of a pupil(s) to immediately remove such a pupil(s) if there has been an irretrievable breakdown in the necessary relationship of trust and goodwill between the parents of the pupil(s) and the school and/or staff; which, for the avoidance of doubt, shall also include the non-payment of or repeated late payment of fees.

In the event that the Headmaster exercises the power to exclude or remove any pupil, any fees paid shall not be refunded by The Pointer School, and any fees which have been invoiced and remain outstanding which are otherwise payable in lieu of notice shall become immediately payable. Where any fees are not paid on or before the first day of term, a 5% surcharge will accrue on the outstanding sum from due date for payment until the actual date of payment. Please also see the notes on Tuition Fees. The decision of the Headmaster shall be final.

Furthermore the school cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any personal possession belonging to a child or parent. Parents should always make their own arrangements in this respect.