Last Sunday 18th September was the first competition for the Kent Grand Prix (first Chess event of the academic year 2016/2017).

Pointers had a very inexperienced but promising team.

Four boys from Pointers school took part in the event: Stakhey & Evan in the Under 10 section and Max & David in the Under 8 section.

Stakhey came 2nd in the Under 10 section, and Max came 2nd in the Under 8 section.

As a result, The Pointer school got Best School Performance in the Under 8 section (because of the great performance from Max and David combined).

In the Under 10’s section we could have won if we had a third player. We only had two players but we did exceptionally well taking Second Place.

After the 1st Grand Prix Pointers is 3rd place in the overall standings with 43 points

Congratulations and well done to the Chess Team!

Mr R J S Higgins, Headmaster