On Tuesday 6th June 2017, we held our annual Public Speaking Competition in St John’s Church.

There were 10 contestants from Years 3-6; a representative from each class. The topics were chosen by the children, and as usual the quality of each speech was outstanding.

Huge congratulations to all those who participated:

Eoghan (6J) – Balloons

Phoebe (6G) – Nuts

Iona (5C) – Fudge

Harrison (5K) – Tardigrades

Petra (4J) – Gymnastics

Samuel (4D) – Cats

William (4H) – The General Election

Kimi (3B) – The Ukulele

Camilla (3C) – Why cats make the perfect pets

Sophie (3P) – Puppies

The overall winners:  Harrison and William, excellent speeches delivered with clarity and panache.