Booking Open for Parent Homework Workshop – Thursday 16th May from 6:30pm – 8:30pm in the Pointer School Hall

Most parents agree that they want to bring out the best in their children; they want them to do well at school and be happy. However, at the end of the day parents and children can find that homework can be hell! Parents can end up nagging and chivvying and it can be upsetting for both the child and the parent. Both can feel frustrated, resentful and stressed.

Sometimes homework can seem pointless if the parent ends up taking over the science project or trying to help with maths where the children are learning a different method. A parent may feel that the school day is quite long enough without adding to the pressure at home. Working parents may wish the precious time they have with their children could be spent in more positive activities. And yet parents can also feel that their children need to do well to survive in a competitive world and want to support them in any way they can to help them get an edge and succeed.

This seminar will help you ensure that homework becomes less time consuming and stressful and more positive. It will look at how to get children to be more motivated and self-reliant.

This talk covers:

  • How to set things up so that the homework session is much more likely to be successful
  • How to engage with your child so they want to get on and do their best independently
  • How to motivate children and to foster a love of learning and a belief in themselves as learners
  • How to focus on the positive aspects of your child’s behaviour and performance, no matter how small they are
  • How to encourage your child to try hard, to persevere and to improve their work

To register a place, please visit the link below.


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