On Saturday the Pointers Chess Team (PCT) competed in the ESPCA tournament in Bristol. This year we put forward an U11 team and they performed at the top of their skills competing against 36 of the best teams in the England.

Pointer’s successfully took 3rd Place with 18 points. Westminster took 2nd Place with 19 1/2 and Haberdasher’s Aske taking 1st with 21 points.

The PCT in Bristol consisted of the following members:
Ciaran, Evan, Stakhey, Shreyas, Max, Nikhil

It should be noted that this was a particularly impressive win as half of our team are under 9. Last year we competed in the U9 and came in 13th place. What an amazing rise in just one year!

One disappointing note however, only the top two teams will move forward to the ESPCA final so Pointers is now out of the ESPCA tournament for this year.

A big thanks to the chess coach, Alexis, who helped to motivate and inspire the children on the day.

On Sunday students participated in the Kent Grand Prix 7 (KGP7). Once again Pointers dominated the tournament taking first place for the school and comfortably holding our significant first place lead overall with a total score of 295 points. 

The KGP7 was Pointers 2nd best result this year with a total of 77.7 points awarded. If you would like to see the results please click here:


Several PCT members participated, as well as other students from our school. (It should be noted that the members of the PCT did a brilliant job travelling hundreds of miles to compete on consecutive days.)

Participants for KGP7 included:
Ciaran, Evan, Stakhey, Max, David, Mihir