Last Sunday the Pointer School Chess team travelled to Hampstead to play in the London finals for the ECF National School Championships. The team knew the competition was going to be very tough, but the boys took up their mission with energy and enthusiasm. The competition was hosted by The Hall School, who field one of strongest U11 squads in the country (2nd in the National School U11 championships last year), and have an extensive chess programme coached by last year’s British Champion (who’s also a GrandMaster). Their teams also had home advantage!

Overall we ended up third in the competition, with the boys receiving a very creditable bronze medal, just 1 point behind the Hall School ‘C’ team (who came in 2nd place, despite losing their round to Pointers team and winning 3 rounds in the tournament, compared to our 4 rounds); the Hall School ‘A’ team took 1st place.

Two years ago the Pointers school had no chess team and no reputation in the chess community. The school has come such a long way since then, achieving quite an overwhelming degree of success given how nascent chess is at Pointers. Under Mr Madan’s tutelage, an incredibly capable chess community has been inspired, with the boys winning many games against much higher rated opponents, including national level players. The school have such a young club, but already there is a large pool of young players whose talent suggest the Pointer School will be a force to be reckoned with in the national competitions over the next few years!! (I’m sure you can tell how excited I am about the future prospects!)



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