Congratulations to Ciaran (Year 5H) and Stakhey (Year 3P) who took part in a major chess competition in Birmingham last weekend (9 & 10th Jan), the Junior 4 Nations Chess League. The J4NCL is a national competition which takes place over three weekends during the year, and brings together many strong county and school teams from across the country to compete against each other.

Ciaran and Stakhey play on Board 2 & 3 in a team called the Desert Penguins. This band of boys are all quite young , full of energy  and enthusiasm – and they are all willing to take on the chess world! Thanks go to the school chess coach, Augustin Madan, who is really starting to hone some very capable chess skills in the children.

They performed outstandingly well and came 2nd place overall! Well done boys! 🙂