To finish off the unit, What Do Grown Ups Do All Day?, the Reception classes visited four shops on Old Dover Road to find out what the shopkeepers do. Each child had a question to ask the shopkeepers and we found out some fascinating things! Did you know that Brothers Bakery sell 10 different types of croissants?  Or that Julia, the purveyor of playfulness at Ottie & the Bea, used to be an actor? Or that the most popular colour flower on Valentine’s Day at PassionFlower is red? Or that the greengrocer at Oranges & Apples sells more vegetables than fruit?
The children also got preparations for our St Valentine’s Day party! We bought flowers, party games, pastries, and fruit for a fruit salad.
A big thank you to the shopkeepers at Brothers Bakery, Ottie & the Bea, Passion Flower, and Oranges & Apples!