Our first Friday Assembly this year was enriched by the visit of Mark and Diana Jeffrey, from Scattering Abroad. They shared with us how they have been visiting Bulgaria for some years and have met many very poor people, some of whom are living in cardboard boxes and have barely any clothes or shoes. As a school we decided to support this charity and our families started rooting through their wardrobes, turning out unwanted clothes, shoes and even some toys. On October 3rd 2014, Mark and Diana arrived with their translator and a truck, to take all the boxes we had collected away from the school, ready to send out to Bulgaria in due course. Everyone lent a hand, but special thanks must go to our caretakers, Mark and Michael, who moved most of the boxes and proved to be very willing, as ever, to help with the collection throughout that week. Thank you so much to everyone for all your support, particularly to those who provided good quality boxes for us to fill. This makes stacking and storage so much easier! Thank you, too, to those who gave money to help with petrol. We know that many very needy families will be encouraged by our love as they receive these gifts, by the knowledge that someone cares about them. Some of the clothes will go to Bulgarian charity shops and be sold to raise money to build new churches, among other things.


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