On Friday 23rd June, we hosted our annual Sports Day event for 2017. It was a day filled with excitement, nerves, competition and joy! Each year group competed in several events from sprints, sack race, egg and spoon, 3-legged, obstacle, relay and hurdles. All of which provided much entertainment for the large number of parents and family in attendance.

As ever, the sprints provided us with some tense races, particularly in KS2, which revealed both the fastest boy and girl in the school. There was entertainment value in the sack and 3-legged races respectively, whilst the hurdles for years 5 and 6 produced some exciting races and spectacular falls. There were also tense battles in the Tug of War, between both the children and parents! The latter also competing in the Mum’s and Dad’s races where I must say they were slightly more competitive than the children….

I would personally like to say a big thank you to all who attended the event and to all the Pointers staff who worked tirelessly to make it happen and well done to all the children who performed magnificently throughout the day. The final standings for the House competition are as follows:

1st – Dover
2nd – Windsor
3rd – Caernarvon
4th – Stirling

Mr Jolly
PE Subject Leader