On October 10th, Year 2 had a fantastic time visiting the Tower of London and learning all about Castles and Knights. The children were incredibly well-behaved and a credit to the school.
Inspired by the amazing poppy installation at the Tower of London, Miss Dahl thought it would be great for us to make our own poppy display for Remembrance Day, since it was the centenary of World War 1. Each child made their own poppy and the results were displayed outside both schools.

We thought it looked great!  We also joined in with the Tower of London Why Remember? Project, and many of us listened to their special national Assembly broadcast from there by Discovery Education on Monday November 10th.  We had our own two minute silence on November 11th at 11.00am and Mrs Churchill made a special PowerPoint to explain about Remembrance for Years 1-6 to use, featuring poppy photos like these, which she was able to take at a special Remembrance Day training course organised by the Tower of London.


Thank you to everyone for your support with our Poppy appeal, and for helping us all to remember those who died in the great wars and learn from their experiences.

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