Dear Parents

I am aware that some of you are having difficulties in obtaining the various items of school uniform from John Lewis.  I am reliably informed by John Lewis that these issues will be resolved as soon as their suppliers realise the consistent and high demand of our school.  For example, summer dresses for girls, I understand will not be available until January 2017.  Our own second hand uniform store is now pretty much depleted.  John Lewis also informed me that some other items e.g. kilts, tunics and scarves, will not be available until 22nd August, and joggers and house tee shirts from 17th August.

Therefore, the school will be reasonably relaxed about its normally strictly adhered to school uniform policy.  Some items of uniform are clearly not available and therefore parents should feel free to use their discretion in what their children wear.   In a worst case scenario parents should do their best to match the colours of the school.

Uniform issues should all have been resolved by the end of the Autumn Term.  Therefore, from the new year 2017, the correct uniform should be worn by all children.

My sincere apologies for this situation.  Nevertheless, in my long experience these kind of teething problems are usually inevitable with a change of uniform supplier.  In conclusion, thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Mr R J S Higgins