Our first trip of the year took place on Wednesday and we had a fantastic time at the Creekside Discovery Centre. We set off early and, after a brisk walk which took us through Greenwich Park, we arrived at the Centre at 10.00am and soon met our friendly instructors. Through a fascinating presentation we discovered how animals and plants are adapted to their habitats, and how changes to those habitats will affect them.
Then, we were given our first task which was catching invertebrates in the Centre grounds, classifying them and observing them under magnifying glasses. We were surprised at how much wild life there was and we were soon experts at using our nets to catch spiders, woodlice, crickets, grass hoppers and other wonderful creatures.
Then, lunch gave us plenty of energy for our next mission. We got kitted out in waders, waterproofs and given walking poles before going down to the Creek and using a different type of net to catch shrimps, crabs, fish or even leeches. This was definitely the highlight of the day and we all had some really messy fun!

Deptford Creek