On 15th October Year two went to the Tower of London.  We travelled on the Thames Clipper from Greenwich pier.  We had two sessions booked with an actor dressed as a knight, who taught us everything we needed to know about being a knight, from being a page to being a squire, to being dubbed “Sir” by Lady Eleanor.  We learnt all about King Edward, who used to carry his bed from castle to castle in order to check up on his territory; we found out that he slept on three mattresses and painted his bedroom with the rose that represented his mother’s family.  He also seemed to love lions…they were everywhere!  The “knight” also told us about the first prisoner in the Tower, who made his jailors drunk and climbed out of the window into the contents of the White Tower toilets!

Year 2 - Tower of London

We enjoyed exploring the White Tower and seeing all the weapons and armour.  The Crown Jewels were stunning!  We met some Beefeaters who guard the Tower and saw some very smart soldiers.  We spotted the ravens and heard about the legend which makes the Beefeaters clip their wings.  We enjoyed Julie’s delicious packed lunch but the highlight of the day was a visit to the Tower shop where we learnt how to pay for something and get some change…as we have been practising in Maths!  All the children were beautifully behaved and a credit to the school.

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