Spirits were high as the Year 4s headed off on their residential trip to PGL last week for an outdoor adventure like no other. The children’s chants of ‘Parents Get Lost’ became louder as we neared closer, and once we arrived at PGL Marchants Hill the excitement was palpable.

Then, the heavens opened, and we were drenched with unremitting rain for the next 48 hours (excluding a dry Thursday morning).  However, the children were so engaged and having so much fun quad biking, raft building, rifle shooting, problem solving and zip wiring that they hardly noticed!  Also let’s not forget the giant swing which appeared to be a firm favourite with many! The PGL staff’s enthusiasm, sense of fun and of course their singing, meant the rain wasn’t allowed to dampen anyone’s spirits and a great time was had by all, with children creating memories that will last for a long time.

The food was of Michelin star quality, and Gabby, our group leader, was excellent; keeping the children organised and engaged in games and fun. There were six standout campers who received awards for their effort, positive attitude and exemplary behaviour. The awards go to: Petra, Phoenix, Joana, Aron, Myriam and Christopher.

Well done everyone in Year 4, it was an excellent trip!