Year 4 went on a fantastic trip to The Globe theatre on the Southbank.  This fitted in perfectly with our script writing topic based on Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest.  At The Globe we were treated to a tour of the theatre and learned all about its history, we even got to go back stage! However I think we all agreed the highlight of the tour was getting to stand on stage and deliver a line to the people walking around the theatre.  We all got to shout Prospero’s line to Caliban: “Thou poisonous slave!”

Year 4's trip to the Globe Theatre

Following the tour we took part in a drama workshop run by one of the actors from The Globe.  During the workshop we explored the themes of power, control and status that exist between the characters in The Tempest and we also acted out short scenes from the play.

After a tasty packed lunch we were able to explore an exhibition all about Shakespeare and the history of the theatre before watching a Shakespearian stage fighting demonstration.  We learned how Shakespeare showed violence realistically in his plays as he didn’t want to glorify fighting.  The actors doing the demonstration had trained for many years to master the art of sword fighting.  The man leading the demonstration was asked what he thought the best weapon was; he explained he felt the printing press and books are more powerful than any sword.  This idea allowed us to have a very interesting discussion on the train back to school.  Overall it was a super day!