In Years 1 and 2 children follow the key aspects of the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum that has been adapted and enhanced to provide fun and personalized lessons. Lessons are differentiated to each child’s needs to ensure they have the best possible education and preparation for Key Stage 2. Play-based and explorative learning still feature in some lessons throughout Key Stage 1 but it is also a stage of transition to more formal learning.

Mathematics, English and Phonics are taught each morning, with Topic based lessons – History, Geography, Art, ICT and RE –  taught in the afternoons. Wherever possible, units of work are integrated with cross-curricular topics. For example in Year 1, many lessons are planned around the topics ‘Toys and Homes from the Past’, ‘Seas and Oceans’ and ‘Holidays’. In Year 2 lessons revolve around the topics ‘The great fire of London’, ‘Famous explorers’ and ‘Minibeasts’.  Each class has its own qualified Teacher and Teaching Assistant. Children also benefit from being taught PE, Drama, French and Music weekly by a specialist subject teacher.

In Key Stage 1 it is our aim to produce a happy and stimulating learning environment in which every child can flourish, not only academically but in all areas of development.  We pride ourselves in helping each child to develop a sense of independence, confidence and a strong moral code that will help them develop into happy and well-rounded individuals.

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