The Pointer School is a thriving co-educational school for boys and girls aged 3-11 with an outstanding reputation for delivering a traditional yet exciting education within a Christian framework. In October 2014 the Independent Schools Inspectorate found Pointers to be ‘Excellent’ in all areas.

Christmas Journey On December 5th and 6th 2013, Year 2 visited St John’s Church to take part in a special presentation for schools entitled Christmas Journey. The Christmas Journey catered for a number of different learning styles, involving the use of craft, drama, puppets and storytelling. The event lasted approximately 75 minutes. The children visited six scenes from the story in order to experience the nativity and its relevance today. By the […]

This term in DT, Year 5 have been learning about biscuits. They have been evaluating different types, making biscuits for the school with Julie, and they designed their own type and made them with Reynaldo. Here are some photos

This week the Reception classes took a trip to the Little Angel theatre in Islington to watch ‘The Night Before Christmas’, a magical story told through puppetry of the adventures of a young girl with Father Christmas and some naughty reindeer! The children were impeccably well behaved and all had lots of fun!

On Monday we had a special visitor, called John, who was the Electro City Workshop organiser.  At the beginning of the workshop John sat us down and explained what we had to do.  We built Lego houses and cities which lit up, using a circuit.  First we had to build the city, using Lego, and then we had to connect wires to the batteries to light the bulbs.  We had […]

This week the Reception classes had a visitor from the British Geological Survey. Our visitor lead a workshop with each class in which the children learned all about the cold places of the world like the Arctic and Antarctica. The children found out about glaciers, Arctic Scientists, the Northern Lights and polar animals. We then made beautiful snowflakes from folded paper- it made us feel quite chilly to think about […]

On Thursday 3rd October, Year 3 visited the Kent Life centre in order to learn more about Roman life in Britain. The children came to school dressed as Roman soldiers, slaves or ladies; they looked amazing! We learnt about Roman clothing and several children tried on tunics and togas. The children found it hilarious when some of them had to act out how Romans used to go to the toilet! […]