The Pointer School is a thriving co-educational school for boys and girls aged 3-11 with an outstanding reputation for delivering a traditional yet exciting education within a Christian framework. In October 2014 the Independent Schools Inspectorate found Pointers to be ‘Excellent’ in all areas.

Five days of high-octane, adventurous activities were the recipe for the Year 6 pupils this summer term. The Kingswood activity centre on the Isle of Wight was our base where the students careered down a zipwire, body-boarded in the English Channel, made rafts, learnt about outdoor survival, problem-solved, tried Archery and Fencing and entertained themselves dancing to Ed Sheeran. The 22 pupils loved each minute of it: “my best residential […]

This year, Years 5s took a magical trip up to the heart to the Peak District, Hartington! There they spent 4 days and 3 nights exploring the beautiful countryside. Day one saw the children visit Warwick Castle and attend a swords and shields workshop where they learnt about heraldry and more about the York and Tudor dynasties that shaped our country’s epic history. We attended a bow and arrow show […]

To celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day the children at Pointers took to the playgrounds to learn in the great outdoors! Activities ranged from phonics games and puppet shows outside, to reading time in the sunshine!  

On Saturday the Pointers Chess Team (PCT) competed in the ESPCA tournament in Bristol. This year we put forward an U11 team and they performed at the top of their skills competing against 36 of the best teams in the England. Pointer’s successfully took 3rd Place with 18 points. Westminster took 2nd Place with 19 1/2 and Haberdasher’s Aske taking 1st with 21 points. The PCT in Bristol consisted of […]

Our Sayers Croft trip this year was blessed with brilliant weather most of the time and we all took advantage of the opportunity to be in the countryside!  The activities were exciting and you can view the children taking part in many of them in our video.  It was an amazing opportunity for them to experience team-building and problem-solving activities that were based on the great outdoors: in the woodlands, […]

Congratulations to Class 4H who took part in a Sumdog ipad maths quiz competition over the holiday. Over 3,300 classes across the UK participated in the week-long competition. The aim was to accurately answer as many questions as possible.   4H children played on their ipads at school and at home – some even dedicating hours to getting high scores. They did an exceptional job and came in 6th place overall! […]