To facilitate advance planning, continuity and the long-term financial health of the school, a full term’s notice must be given in writing to the Headmaster before a pupil’s removal from the school. In default of such notice, payment of the school fees for one full term must be made. However, the Headmaster reserves the right to request the removal or suspension of a pupil if it is in the interest of either the school and/or the pupil. (Please also note the relevant sections in the notes on Tuition Fees and other Charges).

Second Child Policy

Please also note that if a pupil is withdrawn from The Pointer School at any stage between the Nursery and graduation to Year 6 (in order to transfer to any other school) the school reserves the right to refuse or rescind the offer of a place to a sibling.

It is very important that the school maintains pupil continuity from the nursery through to Year 6 and it is furthermore, our considered opinion that disrupting, in mid-stream, a child’s ‘primary’ education is almost certainly not in the child’s social, emotional & intellectual interest. The school does however understand that there may be circumstances where a son or daughter transfers to another establishment as result of unusual or exceptional circumstances.