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Parents should appreciate at the outset that we attach great importance to the wearing of the correct (as described) uniform. The school uniform should also fit and not be over-large or too small. Articles of uniform bought from other suppliers or mix-and-match arrangements are not acceptable.


School Uniform List – All Classes Except Nursery

Winter Uniform – Worn in the Autumn and Spring Terms (summer uniform can be worn for the first half of the Autumn term if weather permits – we request not to mix summer and winter uniform)

  • Pinafore – Rec – Yr 2
  • Kilt – Yr 3 up
  • Lilac shirt
  • School tie (Reception upwards)
  • Purple cardigan
  • Green tights
  • Black shoes
  • School blazer
  • Purple overcoat
  • School hat
  • School Waterproof Mac

  • Grey trousers
  • White shirt
  • School tie
  • Purple pullover
  • Grey socks
  • Black shoes
  • School blazer
  • Green duffel coat
  • School cap
  • School Waterproof Mac
Summer Uniform – Worn in Summer Term (& the first half of the Autumn term if weather permits – we request not to mix summer and winter uniform)

  • Purple/white patterned dress
  • Purple cardigan
  • White ankle-length socks
  • Black shoes
  • School blazer
  • Boater

  • Grey shorts
  • White short-sleeved shirt
  • Grey socks
  • Smart Conventional Black shoes
  • School blazer
  • School cap
Sports Kit (Boys and Girls)
  • White shorts
  • House coloured  polo shirt with logo (Caernarvon-Yellow, Dover-Blue, Stirling-Green, Windsor-Red)
  • Purple jogging suit
  • White ankle socks
  • Trainers
  • Black swimming costume/cap (girls) (Year 3 – Year 4)
  • Black swimming trunks (boys) (Year 3 – Year 4)
  • School Navy Waterproof Mac
  • School Purple waterproof fleece lined jacket

Uniform for Year 6

On reaching Year 6 all children will be issued free of charge the Year 6 tie. Girls should wear this during winter with a white blouse or shirt/kilt. Boys in the winter should wear grey trousers together with the rest of the standard uniform. During the summer months the boy’s only alteration will be to wear a short sleeved shirt with long grey trousers. The girls should wear a short sleeved white blouse, the Year 6 tie, kilt and short white socks.

School Uniform List – Nursery

  • Purple sweater with School logo
  • Purple polo shirt with School logo (short sleeved)
  • Black joggers/skirts/shorts
  • Bottle Green tights or white socks
  • Purple/White patterned Pointers summer dress & Purple cardigan (Summer Term Only)
  • Black shoes/trainers
  • Coat (optional for Nursery, compulsory for Reception to Year 6)

Official supplier

The school’s official uniform supplier is Stevensons. You can purchase The Pointer School uniform here.

School Bags

The school backpacks come in two sizes.  Parents may choose to purchase one of these to use for all purposes, e.g. Books, PE items, swimming kit (for which a plastic carrier bag should also be provided) and to take on school trips and visits.  Or there is a designated book bag which is available from the school uniform supplier, specifically for the transportation to and from school of books.

Name labels/stamps

Please note that your child’s name should be placed by means of a name tape or permanent ink on all items of clothing and equipment. Young children often misplace personal articles and this simple procedure will certainly help our staff in identifying clothing/equipment. We recommend stamptastic for easy labelling – https://stamptastic.co.uk

Coats and blazers

Parents should also be aware that it is mandatory that all boys and girls wear their blazers (in the correct size) to school throughout the year. Furthermore, from the Autumn half-term to the end of Spring Term the school coat or waterproof must be worn over the top of the blazer. An ‘either/or’ policy does not exist.

Second-hand uniform

It may be of interest to some parents that the school has a small stock of good quality second-hand uniforms. Second-hand uniform sales occur once a term or by appointment. Please contact the school office for more information.

Hair and jewellery

Boys from the nursery to Year 6 are expected to have their hair trimmed to a point where it finishes above collar height and above and behind the ears and eyebrows.  Neither should be it shaved, dyed or cut in an unusual or eccentric manner.  Only stud earrings may be worn to school.  Dangling or hoop earrings may not be worn.  No other jewellery is permitted.  Girls’ hair should be tied back if below chin level.  Hair ornaments, if worn, should be in school colours, not excessive in size, and of regulation type i.e. hairband or “scrunchie”.  No other hair decorations are permitted.  No nail varnish or makeup of any kind to be worn.