I am once again delighted to inform you of Pointer’s sensational performance at the Kent Junior Chess Grand Prix.

The third Grand Prix of the season was held on the 20th November at Bullers Wood School in Chislehurst. It was one of the most popular Grand Prix tournaments ever, with over 135 young chess players taking part.

I am extremely proud to tell you Pointer’s dominated the competition. Pointers school had its best EVER performance in a Kent Grand Prix, beating its own record from the previous Grand Prix in October.

The Chess Team (not including Ciaran, as he was unavailable) November 2016
The Chess Team
(not including Ciaran, as he was unavailable)
November 2016

The school was represented by a record number of 12 children:

Under 9’s were represented by David Frankau, Naryan Kabilan, Mihir Sood-Nicholls, Odysseas Kotzagiorgis, Rufus Barsham-Rolfe and Leonardo Bytyqi.
Under 11’s were represented by Max Bell, Nikhil Kiran and Keanu Kumar.
Under 14’s were represented by Stakhey Sedykh, Evan Veitch and Ciaran Brightley-Davies.

Pointers once again was awarded Best Overall Primary School.

Pointer’s not only won the Kent Grand Prix, but we finished with the highest EVER score achieved by a school in the Grand Prix 77.8 points. This is 23.8 points more than Eltham College which finished second with 54 points.
The Pointer School was also awarded Best School Performance in the Under 14’s section, partly due to the great performance by Stakhey, who took second place in the tournament. Evan competed for his first time in the Under 14’s and earned a spectacular 3 wins out of 5 rounds. In less than one year Evan has risen to be the fifth highest ranked player in the Under 11 Grand Prix Season 2016/2017, only two points behind the 4th best player Pointer’s Ciaran Brightley-Davies. Stakhey Sedykh is currently ranked 3rd in the Under 9 Grand Prix.

I would like to mention a new rising star Leonardo Bytyqi who at his first ever Tournament scored 3 points – a remarkable achievement for a novice competitor.

Where this leaves us now is that after the three Kent Grand Prix events Pointers remains in FIRST PLACE in the overall standing with 187.3 points. 

Not only does Pointers have first place but the gap between Pointers and second place is an astonishing 40.8 points. This strong lead is a good step forward to winning the tournament for 2016/2017.

I’d like to thank you for your continued support of our fantastic team. Your encouragement was once again a major factor in why we had a record number of players for this tournament.

Congratulations and well done to the Chess Team!

Thank you,

Mr Madan

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